This gallery showcases some of the World and National Champions that we have been blessed to have own and showed through the years. Thank you to the trainers that helped us along the way!

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Pecan Grove Supreme Rebelation
Rocking M Cutty's All That Glitters
Pecan Grove Cuttys Centerfold
Pecan Grove Cuttys Shut Up and Kiss Me
Pecan Groves Cuttys Skylark
Pecan Grove Customized Hot Rod
ERL Cuttys Crown Jewel
Pecan Grove Customized Jade
Pecan Grove Customized Keepsake
Pecan Groves Absolut Rockstar
SG Rangers Racketeer
RI Tuff Stuffs Wisp Of Smoke
Libertymere Rouge Au Lait
Pecan Grove MS BTU To U
Pecan Grove Racketeers Rumba
Pecan Grove Chargers Customized
Pecan Grove Customized Crusier
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Gallery of Champions